Sales Process Technical Deep-Dive

What is A Sales Process

The sales process is a set of stages and action steps that a company takes to convert leads or Prospects into paying customers. It is a critical part of any business and is essential for successful sales operations. The sales process typically begins with prospecting and ends with closing the sale. In between, there are steps such as follow up that are necessary to ensure a successful outcome. An important part of the sales process should also be to keep metrics so that every lead is tracked, accounted for and measured.

The metrics you need for your sales process will depend on the goals of your sales process and the type of data you are tracking. Some potential metrics may include: total sales, average sales per customer, customer retention rate, average order value, lead conversion rate, close rate, customer lifetime value, customer acquisition cost, and more. These are known as Key Performance Indicators or KPIs.


What is The Sales Process Technical Deep-Dive?

Before we can begin to talk about technology or automation, we first need to answer three very important questions about your sales process:


What challenges inside your sales process are you trying to solve?


Why are you trying to solve them?


Where are you at right now when it comes to processes, systems and technology?

During the Sales Process Deep-Dive, we ask those questions in order to take an in-depth look at your sales process to assess what’s working and not working. In essence, we find the time and money leaks in your sales process that are costing you money.¬† Then, based on that assessment, we make recommendations as to how the process can be streamlined, improved and determine where technology can be leveraged to plug those leaks. As a result we plug the time, money and mental energy leaks in your business and provide solutions to help you be more productive and close more sales.

The Sales Process Technical Deep-Dive has three deliverables.

Zoom Discovery Calls

Series of up to 4 Zoom Discovery Calls with you and your sales and admin team. During these calls we will work with you to uncover what’s working and not working and make recommendations to help you streamline your workflows by leveraging the “Right” technology platforms (This is also called your Tech Stack).

Documentation and 24/7 Access

Each call will be recorded and documented. You will have unlimited access to recordings of these calls and they will be accessible 24/7 in your own private client portal.  We will also be documenting the entire process in a Google Doc so that later on your can create your very own Standard Operating Procedures Manual for your sales team.

Technical Workflow Diagram

You will get a Technical Workflow Diagram of what your “tech stack” will look like based on our recommendations. This diagram will be the blueprint that we will use for our Done-for-You Services. (See below for more diagrams).

Below are Workflow Diagrams we have implemented for some of our customers!

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